All Fifé shows: 

Rules and forms: 

FIFe show classes/ kissanäyttelyluokat:

12.Kitten/pentu (4-7 months old)
11.Junior/nuori (7-10 months old)

For adult cats:
9.Open/avoin (over 10 months old) (name of cert: CAC)
7.Champion (CH) (CACIB)
5.International Champion (IC) (CAGCIB)
3.Grand International Champion (GIC) (CACS)
1.Supreme Champion (SC) (Honour Prize)

For neutered cats:
10.Neuter/kastraatti (over 10 months old) (name of cert: CAP)
8.Premier (PR) (CAPIB)
6.International Premier (IP) (CAGPIB)
4.Grand International Premier (GIP) (CAPS)
2. Supreme Premier (SP) (Honour Prize)

Show results:

EX 1 = Excellent 1st
EX 1- = Excellent 1st, no cert
CAC/CAP/CACIB/CAPIB/CAGCIB/CAGPIB/CACS/CAPS = certification (cert), name depends on show class/sertifikaatti (serti), nimi riippuu näyttelyluokasta
BIV = Best In Variety/Värin paras
NOM = Nominated for Best In Show/Tuomarin paras
BIS = Best In Show/Kategorian paras 

Graduation in Fife Cat shows:
Valmistuminen Fife kissanäyttelyssä:

3 x CAC/CAP    3 different judges/eri tuomaria

International Champion/International Premior
3 x CACIB/CAPIB    3 different judges/eri tuomaria    2 different countries/eri maata

Grand International Champion/Grand International Premior
Either option /Jompi kumpi vaihtoehto:
6 x CAGCIB/CAGPIB    3 different jugges/eri tuomaria    3 different countries/eri maata or/tai
8 x CAGCIB/CAGPIB    4 different judges/eri tuomaria     2 different countries/eri maata

Supreme Champion/Premior
Either option /Jompi kumpi vaihtoehto:
9 x CACS/CAPS   3 different judges/eri tuomaria   3 different countries/eri maata or/tai
11 x CACS/CAPS  6 different judges/eri tuomaria   2 different countries/eri maata

Points in Cat of the year competition
BIS 130 p
NOM 110 p
BIV 100 p
CAC/CAP  93 p
EX1 90 p
EX 88 p
OH/VG 76 p
H/G 61 p